If you are experiencing symptoms such as pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling that radiate from your neck or back into your arms or legs, it is likely that you have a pinched nerve. Unfortunately, many people suffer for months or even years with no solution to their symptoms. However, Advanced Pain Institute of Texas can provide quick and effective relief for a variety of issues, including pinched nerves.

Located in Lewisville, Advanced Pain Institute of Texas offers a range of pain management treatments and head-to-toe remedies, including epidural steroid injections, which are one of the first-line treatments for pinched nerves. This procedure is straightforward and can provide significant relief.

Dr. John Broadnax explains that patients are first given some freezing medicine to reduce the pain. Using X-ray guidance, a needle is then inserted outside the area that is inflamed, and steroid medication is injected. While the steroid does not necessarily fix the underlying issue, such as a disc herniation, it often resolves the inflammation that is causing the pain.

There are three injection options available depending on the patient’s needs: interlaminar injection in the back area, caudal injection accessed through the tailbone, and transformational injection deposited directly on the nerve root in the epidural space. The steroid typically starts working in three to ten days, and a series of injections may be recommended to achieve a stacking effect and increase the relief.

If you are looking for a pain management practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that provides head-to-toe remedies and produces exceptional results, look no further than Advanced Pain Institute of Texas in Lewisville.

To learn more about how Advanced Pain Institute of Texas can help you, visit apitexas.com or call 972-866-4246. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.