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Here are some questions you might want to print out and bring to your appointment!

  1. What cause(s) my pain?
  2. Can my pain be cured or managed?
  3. Is it normal to suffer this type of pain with this condition?
  4. Are there common triggers for this type of pain? Should I avoid noise, heat, certain foods or other situations?
  5. Why does my pain seem worse at certain times of the day or during certain weather conditions?
  6. How can a pain specialist help me and my condition?
  7. What kinds of pain treatments are available and appropriate for me? What are the risks and side effects of each?
  8. What about alternative treatments? Are there homeopathic or complementary treatments?
  9. Will diet or exercise help alleviate my pain? Should I see a nutritionist or work with a physical or occupational therapist?
  10. What resources are available to help me learn more about my type of pain and how to manage it?
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