Our Values

At Advanced Pain Institute of Texas (API), we have combined our core values and our beliefs into API’s’ Values (I REACH):

I – Integrity – Doing what is right.

R – Respect – Value self and others including colleagues, co-workers, patients, and the company.

E – Excellence – OUTSTANDING quality through the dedicated effort of every team member in our organization.

A – Authenticity – Speaking and acting from the heart in earnest, without malice.

C – Courage – Strength to withstand fear and difficulty.

H – Humility – Modest perception of self.

In our company culture, we strive to treat each other and our patients with our I REACH values.  In addition, every staff member is judged by the way they reflect these values.


At Advanced Pain Institute of Texas, that is more than a slogan – it is the belief that has built Advanced Pain Institute of Texas into what it is today and what it will become.  Founders Dr. Eric Anderson and Dr. John Broadnax are idealistic about practicing pain management – the right way.  The practice was founded to provide world-class pain care in an encouraging and educational environment.  The purpose of Advanced Pain Institute of Texas is to inspire hope and restore health.  This is accomplished utilizing a comprehensive team approach encompassing the best collaborative physicians and health care providers in the region.

Brand Promise

Our team works closely together to achieve the desired outcomes for patients. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Broadnax utilizes a multimodal approach to pain management to create a treatment plan tailored to patients’ medical needs. This is done in an environment that ensures that every patient feels safe and cared for.

Our Mission

Advanced Pain Institute of Texas provides world-class, comprehensive pain care of acute and chronic pain conditions of the spine, nerves, and other areas of the body.  With a team that has a combined 17 years of experience, the Advanced Pain Institute of Texas promises to inspire hope and restore health.

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