Our Practice

Our Mission. Our Values. Our Community.

At API, we are driven by our mission. To achieve it, we look for phenomenal individuals who are bright, creative, dedicated and energetic.

Our Mission

Our goal at Advanced Pain Institute is to provide world-class pain care in combination with the most advanced pain treatments available in an encouraging and educational environment.

Our Values

At Advanced Pain Institute of Texas (API), we have combined our core values and our beliefs into API’s’ Values (I REACH):

I – Integrity: Doing what is right.
R – Respect: Value and esteem self and others including colleagues, co-workers, patients, and the company.
E – Excellence: Perform at an OUTSTANDING level in our organization.
A – Authenticity: Speaking and acting from the heart, in earnest.
C – Courage: Strength to withstand fear and difficulty.
H – Humility: Modest perception of self.

In our company culture, we strive to treat each other and our patients with our I REACH values. In addition, every staff member is judged by the way they reflect these values.

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